About Us

  • awg.sg is the B2C online platform owned by AWG Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd. AWG Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd is a fully licenced General Insurance Brokers and Exempt Financial Advisor by Monetary Authority of Singapore. Established in 1990, the company has been providing corporate insurance and personal insurance.

Why Us

  • Comprehensive awg.sg is an insurance portal that allows you to buy your insurances online. We work towards providing you with the full range of products online.
  • Convenient We are an online portal which allows you to activate your covers anywhere, anytime. You may be at the airport and have forgotten to buy your travel insurance. Get it arranged just before your departure through awg.sg. As long as you have your online device and credit card, we will be able to assist you with your purchase.
  • Transparent As your trusted online platform, we are transparent on the pricing and we work towards providing you with the cover as what the product provider charge. We will transfer any additional discount provided by carrier to you.
  • Simple We deliver the coverage in a simple to understand manner. The insurance product page is always full of information, which adds confusion to the consumer. You might miss out on what is important to you when going through the full information. This is why we keep things simple and bring you back to focusing on the things that matter.
  • Efficient We work towards delivering the product to you in the most possible efficient manner. You do not want to be going through the application and be redirected from pages to pages.